Fall River Public Library Book Bundles Request Form
Want something good to read, but you're not sure what? Let us be your personal book shopper!

Tell us some of your favorite titles, authors, and genres, and our library team will create a personalized reading bundle just for you. Each bundle will include 5 items (except for the Picture Book Bundle which will include 10). Please allow up to 5 business days for staff to prepare your bundle. When your items are ready, we will contact you by phone or email to arrange your pick-up time.

**PLEASE NOTE: To request specific titles, either place a hold online or call the library at 508-324-2700, ext. 2 (adult) or ext. 4 (children's) to place a hold. This form is only for those who would like staff to select some items for them. :-) Thank you!**

Please complete the form below and our Book Bundle Battalion will spring into action, putting together recommended titles that may just become your new favorites.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Books You Love: List 2-3 books you have read in the last few years that you really enjoyed. (If you are filling this out for a child, list their favorites, or, if not known, their interests, such as "superheroes" or "unicorns.") *
Favorite authors: Who are some authors you consistently return to?
Tell us a little about your reading taste--style, genre, age group. You can choose more than one!
If selecting books for a child, let us know their gender (optional).
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