Write a Letter of Support to Veterans Standing Up To Stop The Wall
Veterans are stepping up to publicly take a stand against the proposed border wall in South Texas and need your support. We are looking to have as many letters of support as possible by Sept 12.

Right now, the current administration is in a mad dash to build the border wall before the election. However, the border wall is serves no actual security purpose, but is a political project meant to rally racists across the country and stoke anti immigrant hate. It will also carve a path of destruction through the border city of Laredo, TX on the Rio Grande river as the government seizes public and private lands, and militarizes the entire waterfront. Laredo residents would no longer have access to their own river, which has been theirs for the last 265 years. Laredo depends on 100% of it's drinking water from the Rio Grand. Once federalized, the government will waive over 25 laws that protect the land air and water.

The good news is that the wall can be stopped. Veterans are now standing up to protect their community and are looking for national support from fellow vets and their families. Your letters are much appreciated.

To send us a letter, please fill out the form below.

For more information:
website: www.noborderwallcoalition.com 
Twitter: @NoBorderWallLTX

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LETTER IN SUPPORT: Please write a letter in support of Veterans who are standing up to defend their community against the the border wall in Laredo, TX. Feel free to include your own opinions about the border wall, as well as any encouragement you have for the veterans, who are taking a risk by speaking out in such hostile circumstances. Any personal connection that you may have to this region, to the issue, or to veterans in general, is appropriate to include as well.
Thank you! Your letter will be shared with veterans in Laredo. Are you also okay with us sharing your letter publicly?
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