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After submitting your form send cnic pics both side and two photos on or whatsapp and send your brief intro on this number as well 0334-3711448
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Dear competitor much obliged for your enthusiasm for work with the Ninis Tutor Academy-Pakistan. Benevolently read the terms and Conditions of 'Researcher's Tutor Academy' to abstain from misconception or offensive situations, at any later stage. We truly trust that you should experience it completely, comprehend and illuminate the questions, before enlisting with us. ________________________________________ • By utilizing the administrations of Ninis Tutor Academy, the tutor needs to recognize and acknowledge our terms and conditions. • We charge 50% of the first month's salary just on all referred home tuition .If you pay yearly enrollment expense Rs. 1500 to the institute at the season of enrollment then commission of all tuition will be 50% of the first month's salary of every tuition as it were. No tutor has allowed to collect fees from client. Academy will be collect fees directly from client.* The base qualification criteria for a tutor to be a part of Ninis Tutor Academy is that he/she should must be atleast some University undergrade student or A'level qualified. • Ninis Tutor Academy won't be held for any confusion or inconvenience caused between teacher and the parent’s.• Tuitions will be sent by the capability, experience, favored subjects/classes and preferred areas of Karachi by means of SMS. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, tutor allows us to send them assignments any time. Only if you are sure that you are able to commit, then reply us YES* Due to countless numbers of verified tutors this is also possible sometimes that a tutor is referred to a tuition and unless he/she doesn't finalizes it, he/she can't show interest in the next tuition. The same rule will be applied if the tutor has taken any tuition details during last 7 days.. * The choice of institute proprietor Mustafa Ashraf will be last about giving a specific tuitions to the most reasonable and suitable tutors as per the request of customer. • Tuition fees will be chosen with the shared assent of the parents and the tutor, considering , days/week and timing with assent of the student so everything relies on upon the home tutor potential and willingness.• Message with respect to the tuitions can be sent at whatever time from 7am to 12am. teacher are required to contact at assigned tuitions just after receiving the assignment. Be punctual for all scheduled tutoring sessions. It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible if you cannot meet with your tuition or unable to contact them for any reason, keep updating us so that our team start its follow up.• Ninis Tutor Academy will monitor each tutor strictly and filter out those from our team that are not responsible or credible. Any tutor, against whom we receive numerous complaints then their registration, will be cancelled.• Female home tutors should take enough care and make an intuitive decision before taking up an assignment to avoid any kind of future unfortunate event if any.Female home tutor should visit for demo class to client with any male guardians. If she doesn’t have any male person in her house so we provide our team member and he will visit with female home tutor. During demo class if female home tutor feel uncomfortable or she doesn’t like an environment so she has right to reject tuition that time.• A registered tutor’s performance as a quality tutor will be the sole criteria for their future association with us. We will try to offer more opportunities to a tutor to prove his/her skills as a deserving tutor.* Free membership holding tutor can not apply for a limited time/single month's tuition for which academy charges 35% as commission.• Ninis Tutor Academy reserves the rights to terminate any assignment if we do not receive the payment till one week after the advance fee payment from parents. Legal action will be taken against tutor who breached the terms and conditions try to deceive the agency or fail to make payment.• By registering, you accept that you are entering into a contract with us based on these Terms and Conditions.1. Full Registration fee will be returned to TUTOR on cancellation of registration before getting any tuition & after cancellation, the registration will never be restored. 2. Membership of Free membership holder tutors will be automatically canceled if they opt for two tuitions one by one or simultaneously but fail to get any of them.3. Membership is valid for one whole year; every TUTOR has to renew his/her membership every year if he/she wants to continue getting tuitions by just submitting the annual membership fee. 4. if the tuition comes out to be of one month only then academy’s commission will be reduced from 50% to 35% subjected to tutor’s demand.5. Every tuition detail is AMANAT for tutor. After taking contact details, If Tutor leaves the tuition, he/she has to return it to the academy by proper information; he/she can’t exchange/handover it to any other person. 6. A tuition is for one academic session whatever the starting stage is, if Tutor is asked to continue the same tuition in the next session, half of first month’s fee for next session will also be submitted to academy honestly. 7. If the salary of Tutor is increased by any mean, he/she has to honestly pay half of the increased amount only for the first month of increment. 8. Any extra tuition obtained with reference of academy’s tuition will be considered as academy’s tuition & same rules must be followed for every tuition like this. 9. For betterment of Academy, rules can be modified at anytime about which tutor will be informed as per requirement. 10. Academy will not be responsible for any mishap happening between tutor and client. 11. Every tutor will always have to remain loyal and honest with Ninis Tutor Academy and will never deny paying the committed dues on time.You can pay registration fees through easy paisa ID Card Number: 42201-3654484-7 Cell Number 0332-3124755
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