Business Personality Trivia Quiz - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Business Personality Quiz! This continuation of our exploration into the world of personality and business is crafted specifically for ambitious professionals, dynamic entrepreneurs, and insightful corporate executives who seek to deepen their understanding of the intrinsic link between personality traits and business prowess.

By delving into this quiz, you will not only reinforce your understanding of business psychology but also gain valuable insights into how you can leverage your unique traits for success in your professional life. So let's dive in and discover what new insights Part 2 of the Business Personality Quiz has to offer you!

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In the world of business, a 'Type A' personality is most associated with: *

According to Harvard Business Review, which trait is considered essential for effective leadership?

Research suggests that entrepreneurs typically have higher levels of which trait?

Which personality trait is often found in successful negotiators?


What is 'Emotional Intelligence' and why is it important in business?

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