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As announced, USSR will go on a trip to the Veluwe from 14th until the 16th of June 2019.
The Veluwe is a 1100 km² Dutch nature reserve in the province of Gelderland which is close to Arnhem and Apeldoorn.

We are staying in a villa from Westcord Hotel de Veluwe, located in Garderen. Rooms are shared with ±6 people to ensure a good night sleep. Furthermore there are many facilities availible, such as a dishwasher and even a swimming pool(!). More information about our accomodation and the availible facilities can be found on

This weekend will be full of fun activities. The estimated schedule so far is displayed below (please realise this is still subject to change).
On the first day, the 14th of June, we will all gather at the villa where we will enjoy dinner together and have a relaxing evening with karaoke, playing games, watching a movie, etc.
On the 15th of June we will leave our beds early for the first activity: the game "cash chaos"! This is a really nice game in which you have to do assignments throughout Harderwijk to earn money, but it is also possible to steal money from the other teams! A tactical strategy, skills and alertness are required to win this game. Afterwards we have the opportunity to recover from all the stress during a game of midget golf. When there is time left we have time to relax in the swimming pool before the dinner. In the evening we will have a dropping on a secret location. On the last day, we will start with a quick clean-up of the villa, after which we will have an outdoor activity which is still a secret ;-)

The estimated budget is displayed below. The price includes accomodation for 3 days, bed sheets, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner, drinks and snacks and the costs for the midget golf and "cash chaos". This budget is subject to change. The price you pay depends on how many people are joining. More people = price will go down, as displayed in the table below.

Terms and conditions:
- By subscribing you agree with the fact that pictures can be taken and can be used for promotional uses or social media.
- The deadline for subscribing is friday the 3rd of May. Unsubscription can only be done before the 3rd of May.
- When you subscribe, you agree that you have to pay the costs, dependent on the amount of participants, which can't be found beneath.
- Payment has to be done before the 17th of May.
- The organisation has the right to change the program or anything else, if deemed necessary.
- DSBA-USSR is not responsible for any lost/stolen items or injuries during the weekend
- Everyone pays a deposit of 10 euros, which will be refunded after the weekend getaway, if no damage has been done. If the damage you caused is more than 10 euros, you are obliged to pay this.

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