Outreach Event Proposal
Please fill out this form to propose an event for Boulder DSA to participate in as a chapter. The information gathered from this form will be used to present the event to the chapter before a vote on our participation in the event. Please fill out this form at least three weeks before the event.
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Briefly describe the event, including the time and location. What other groups will attend and what are their political affiliations? Please also post links to any information about the event online.
What is the estimated cost for Boulder DSA to participate? (Please research the cost of the event)
List the tasks associated with participating in this event and the number of people from the chapter needed to participate.
What are the potential benefits of Boulder DSA participating in this event? (membership growth, publicity, fundraising, coalition benefits, etc.)
Please consider the current priorities of the chapter and the capacity we have for new projects as we approach this event. With that in mind, please explain the feasibility of Boulder DSA's participation in this event.
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