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The lack of full participation in the federal government, which makes and executes the laws that we live under in Puerto Rico, and the capability of the U.S. Congress to treat us unequally under those laws; has proven a fundamental limitation on the fulfillment of the full potential of our people, as well as the full potential of what we can contribute as part of the American family. The multiple overlapping crisis that the people of Puerto Rico suffer today, which has caused Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy of the island’s economy, as well as the crisis in our fiscal, demographic, political, health, safety, quality of life, etc.; these are all interconnected to the root cause of our undemocratic and unequal territorial condition.
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The only legislative option that respects the will of the people of Puerto Rico, and ensures a binding process of self-determination is H.R. 1522, the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act.
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You have the perfect opportunity to be on the right side of history now, do the right thing. There are no two sides to democracy. Either you are for it or against it. The time for democracy as US citizens and voting rights is now. Support H.R. 1522.
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