JVC Northwest Equity Survey
As a Jesuit Catholic organization, JVC Northwest is committed to becoming more inclusive and equitable because radical inclusion reflects our understanding of the Divine. Like the Ignatian spirituality that grounds us, we are called to hold the tensions of desiring equity inclusion and chronically falling short due to our own human shortcomings.

As noted in the open letter, the Board of Directors and the Staff of JVC Northwest are interested in your feedback as we deepen our efforts to be a more equitable organization. As we do this, we want to hear from your own experience, ideas, and knowledge for how we ought to move forward. The following questions aim to understand your experience and insights in this important work. Hearing from the JVC Northwest community will help us advance the work for equity, founded in our identity as a Jesuit Catholic Organization.

We invite you to spend a bit of time reflecting answering the following questions. Answering these questions are one concrete way you can give your input into the JVC Northwest equity process. We will consider you comments, feedback and observations to help guide the direction of the DEI plan. We will periodically update the JVC Northwest community on our works to become more inclusive and equitable.
What do you know so far about the diversity, equity, and inclusion work of JVC Northwest?
What gives you excitement and joy about JVC Northwest's current or planned initiatives?
From your experience and knowledge, what do you think would help JVC Northwest become more equitable?
From your experience and knowledge, what is currently standing in the way of JVC Northwest becoming more equitable and inclusive?
What other suggestions do you have for improvement that you have not noted above?
What else would be helpful for the staff and board to hear moving forward?
What is your understanding/experience with equity and inclusion?
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