UBC Sprouts - A Purchasing Policy Questionnaire
UBC Sprouts is currently reviewing our purchasing policy and we'd like your hear what you have to say! The purchasing policy dictates what we do and do not purchase for our various on-campus initiatives and is decided upon collectively by our executive board. We recognize that something as complex as values held by a collective organization are rooted in social, economic, and ecological contexts and by its very nature is subject to spatial and temporal change. We seek to shape our purchasing policy to promote food security through progressive social, economic, and ecological sustainability. We'd like to put forth this questionnaire as a way to gain some input from the greater Sprouts community so that we can hear what you have to say and at the same time possibly keep you informed and updated on what we're up to.
This is our current purchasing policy. The first column is for the "pillars" that we stand for. The second column is for the principles that we hold that fall under each pillar. The last column is for what we give preference to, in order to best uphold each principles. (To clarify, this is not a list of "musts", but just a list of "shoulds" that should be considered. There are always going to be trade-offs between preferences, given that there are limited numbers of suppliers who never uphold every single criterion.) The last column is what Sprouts will use as a list of indicators to decide which source to purchase from, and which products to purchase. To view the image in high quality: https://imgur.com/SmVxjEA
To facilitate a new purchasing policy, we would like to propose using three 'pillars' of (1) ethical considerations, (2) social wellbeing, and (3) environmental considerations to serve as guidelines for the purchasing policy. Please indicate how valuable these are to you on a scale where 1 is least important, and 7 is most important.
Ethical considerations
Social wellbeing
Environmental considerations
Do you agree with our choice of principles? Is there anything you would add to this? Is there anything you think is problematic/unimportant on there?
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Do you agree with our choices of preferences (the last column)? Do you think these are effective indicators of the principles they are associated with?
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At Sprouts, we seek to facilitate transparency in how we work with our purchasing policy. Is there anything we can do to improve this?
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Our guarantees - We currently offer two guarantees in what we purchase for our initiatives: (1) Our produce is sourced from Southern British Columbia or Washington State and (2) our food is vegan (with honey). Most of our food goes beyond these guarantees in one way or another. Is there anything else you would be keen to see as a "guarantee" in the future?
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Do you have an opinion on our use of honey? Would you prefer to see a rise in prices of some dishes (pancakes, baked goods, etc.) so that we can use maple syrup instead?
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Is there anything in our purchasing policy that concerns you?
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Do you have any additional thoughts or questions?
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Thanks for your input!
As integral members of our community, we really value what you have to say! If you're interested, you can always find our current purchasing policy on our website at ubcsprouts.ca. It is important to us that we have the privilege of facilitating collaborative work. The purchasing policy is always a work in progress so you are always welcome to contact us at outreach@ubcsprouts.ca if you have any additional thoughts down the road.
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