Green Assistance Program (GAP) Training Project Volunteer Background & Commitment Form
The San Diego Green Building Council has agreed to support a local non-profit facility in greening their building operations. This project will be at multiple facilities in Balboa Park. The goals of this GAP project is to achieve LEED Recertification for all four buildings, helping them meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

Please complete this form to confirm your involvement in our next GAP Training Project. All responses will be kept strictly confidential, and solely used for our own volunteer team selection and database. Your completion of this form confirms your approval of the San Diego Green Building Council to perform any further background check if so necessary; which again, will be performed, and responses held, in strict confidentiality. Questions or comments should be directed to

Thank You,
Bridget Rickman, Community Coordinator

Part 1: General Information
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Do you currently hold any other professional certificates, credentials, or degrees pertaining to sustainability, site design, building design, or construction? *
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Which areas of SUSTAINABILITY most interest you? *
Have you been involved in a previous Green Assistance Program project? *
If you have been previously involved and would like to be a team leader please check project name and team leader box
Are you interested in working with the San Diego Green Building Council in any other ways, on a committee or otherwise?
Check out our committees here, if interested:
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Part 2: Personal Background Information and Volunteer Agreement
All answers will be held in strict confidence.
Are you 18, and legally allowed to work in the United States? *
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony? If yes, please explain. *
Please type N/A if your answer is No.
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Will you have any commitments in the near future that will prevent you from attending monthly group sessions, or working on Report documentation? Explain. *
You will still be allowed to volunteer, however it is highly encouraged not to miss too many meetings or report preparation. Do not include Holiday commitments unless they extend beyond accepted holiday durations.
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Do you have any restrictions or limitations, physical or otherwise, that will necessitate assistance and/or limit your involvement? *
If yes, please explain. Otherwise type N/A. This will not prevent you from joining our volunteer team, it is simply for our information on how best to serve our volunteers equally.
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Please provide at least one personal reference. Include relation to you, name, email, phone, and duration of relationship. *
Your reference may be contacted as per your responses above. If necessary we may require you to provide up to two (2) additional references.
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The Green Assistance Program is an educational program which is built on trust between the San Diego Green Building Council, volunteers and a partnering facility. In order to respect the facility's private data and current service contracts at no point of the Green Assistance Program will you or your associates approach the facility with sales of products or services. *
All technologies and services that would serve the facility should be presented as an educational session and consulted with the SDGBC team first.
Do you understand the volunteer requirements and agree to the volunteer time commitments? *
Will you accept responsibility for your actions at the project site, both personal and on behalf of SDGBC? *
I hereby consent to permit the San Diego Green Building Council to contact anyone it deems appropriate to verify information provided by me to discuss my suitability for a volunteer position, including my background, volunteer experience, education or related matters. I expressly give my consent to any discussions regarding the foregoing and I voluntarily and knowingly waive all rights to bring an action for defamation, invasion of privacy, or similar cause of action, against anyone providing such information. *
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