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New maximum request of 50 specimens per application.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the advancement of the North American Mycoflora Project! Please ensure that you are familiar with the protocol for submitting specimens, and that the specimens for which you are requesting sequencing funding meet the requirements listed in the evaluation critera:

Email address *
Project Name *
All grant submissions must have an active project registered with the North American Mycoflora Project.
Project Leader
First and last name the project leader(s) who are responsible for submitting these specimens and managing the data associated with these specimens.
Project Leader(s) Contact Email
Project Leader Mushroom Observer Handle
Project Leader iNaturalist Handle
Is this project sponsored by an organization? Is this organization a NAMA-affiliated mushroom club? If an individual project, have you made attempts to seek out potential collaborators?
Preference will be given to applicants who have sought out collaborative channels with other individuals and organizations from their target region who may share similar goals. Projects affiliated with NAMA clubs may have access to a pool of funds specifically dedicated to these organizations.
How many specimens are you seeking funding to sequence?
Please enter the total number of specimens that you are requesting to have sequenced. The maximum request we have for the September 30 deadline is 50 specimens.
How many of these specimens have been (or will be) collected by citizen scientists?
We define citizen scientists as individuals who are not professional mycologists. Reviewers will give a strong preference to projects that utilize a high percentage of collections from citizen scientists.
How would you best describe the collection philosophy for the specimens in this proposal?
Please select one of the options below. This question is for internal data collection only. Your answer here is not considered positively or negatively when reviewing the application.
Are all of the specimens in this proposal macrofungi from North America?
All specimens funded by this project need to be macrofungi (macroscopic fruiting body of a fungus) and must have been (or will be) collected in North America. Slime molds cannot be included for grant consideration.
Will all of the specimens in this proposal meet the minimum metadata requirements for this project?
Minimum amount of metadata includes color photographs of the specimen while fresh, collection date, and collection location. A dried physical specimen must be deposited in a partner fungarium. We also require observational records to be created for each specimen on Mushroom Observer, iNaturalist, or MyCoPortal.
Where are your specimens in this proposal from?
Please describe the general geographic region your specimens will be collected from. We give a slight preference to collections from under-explored geographic regions. One way to determine how well your area has been investigated is to perform a search on It allows you to search most of the historical fungal collections from North America. Briefly describe why you believe the geographic region merits special consideration.
Do the specimens in this project represent a focus on a particular taxonomic group?
Many of the projects will be general collections from a given geographic area. This will not substantially limit your chances of attaining a grant. A small preference will be given to projects that focus on taxonomic groups that are in particular need of revision. Briefly describe the reasons why you believe the taxonomic group merits special consideration.
Have you already collected the specimens in this proposal? *
Some projects have recent collections from their area that they want sequenced. If you already have specimens you would like to sequence, we will ask you to submit information about these specimens on the next page.
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