League Survey
With the 2020 All-Star Game on the horizon, I wanted to take this time to reach out to all members of the league with a look towards 2021.

This is your chance to comment on the league with any changes you would like to see, any rule ideas you might have, or any general comments you feel are worth sharing at this point in time. We will have another one of these near the end of the season/early off-season so if something comes to mind later, you'll have time to share it then as well. While end of season stuff requires a bit more specificity, at the mid-season point, now is a good time to also look ahead. I know there are a few ideas that have already been floated to me via PM.

I will leave it optional to include your team name. If you have a proposal or idea that you would like me to be able to contact you about if we feel it is something we see feasible, it would be best to leave your name.
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1) What might you like to see changed that is already part of the league?
2) What might you like to see added that is not part of the league?
3) Are there any rule changes/ideas you would like to see implemented? If so, please explain the rule and your idea for the change or new rule.
4) Anything else that doesn't fit into the above that you want to share, share it here!
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