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What is the MentorSHPE Program (formerly E-Buddies)?

SHPE Santa Barbara aims to pair students from the UCSB and SBCC SHPE student chapters with an industry professional.

The main communication will be through e-mail or other means as agreed upon by a paring. There will be quarterly meetings organizes by SHPE, meetings in between a quarterly meeting will be up to the professional and student pair are strongly encourage.

The purpose of our MentorSHPE Program is to provide an opportunity for students to connect with a working professional that will help guide them with their professional and personal development. With MentorSHPE, we hope you gain confidence and courage to pursue opportunities that align with your goals.

Space will be limited. If needed priority will be given based on student seniority at their respective campus.

“Mentoring can have a profound impact on your personal growth, but you have to be open to change.” — Lois Zachary, EdD

DUE: December 16, 2019
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