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Please review the Building Usage Rules and Regulations document ( prior to submitting your request.

Please note any fees applicable to your use and mail them to Cito UMC, ATTN: Building Use, 3746 Cito Road, McConnellsburg, PA 17233 after you submit this form.
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Usage fees depend on the type of use and who is using the building. If you are an active member or direct supporter of Cito UMC, fees are generally $75. For other use, such as inactive members or non-member/outside private use, fees are generally $150. For non-profits and other community organizations, fees are reduced and sometimes waived. Commercial and for-profit use fees vary and will be agreed upon prior to use.
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I understand that I am responsible for the appropriate behavior of those present at the scheduled event(s) and for the conditions of the facility and equipment when the event is finished. I will immediately notify the facilities coordinator in the event that there is any damage to Church property or injury to any person during the course of the scheduled event. I also agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth in the “Use of Church Facilities” policy. If I do not abide by these rules and regulations, I understand that my request for usage may be denied in the future, or additional fees may be accessed.
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