Telle College Leadership Board Application 2020-2021
The Telle app (currently in beta) is a place for girls and young women (11-25) to ask and answer questions, start conversations, find a supportive community, and empower each other – anonymously, or not. Think of it as a big sisterhood/peer-mentorship app that’s safe and bully-proof.

We wanted to create a place where girls can be authentic without worrying about their image. On Telle, users can be anonymous (obligatory if they’re under 13) or post with their username/real name and get known for their positive impact if they want to.

The app is tailored by age so while you can help younger girls with issues they are going through but they will not see discussions that are not age appropriate for them, and you will not see topics that you are of no interest to you.

We are looking for a diverse group of college students who are passionate about girl/women empowerment, mental health, community-building, and supporting other girls to join our College Advisory Board.

It’s an exciting leadership opportunity where you will receive training and experience that will help you with your work/graduate school applications while making a real difference in girls' lives.

As a Teen Advisory Board Member you will:
Help inform the development and design of a new app for girls and young women.
Learn and get experience in marketing and community building
Build your resume
Meet other college students who share your passion for girl empowerment and mental health support
Get free exclusive Telle merch that you can wear/use with pride

Responsibilities include (pick and choose):
Monthly virtual meetings (mandatory for everyone) where you’ll meet other girls and brainstorm app development and the needs of girls today
Create content on the app about issues you are passionate about (advice, inspirations, things you wished you knew when you were younger, etc)
Serve as a Telle ambassador to friends and peers so that they know about the support they can get on Telle etc., and on social media if you are so inclined.
Act as a community moderator on the app
Be “on call” to answer questions

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