CPC Women's Retreat Survey
Please provide feedback so that we can better plan future CPC Women's Retreats. Thank you for your time!
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There are varying price ranges for retreats, based on the sleeping arrangements. Please rank your preference (1 being your highest preference, 3 being your lowest preference). We cannot guarantee these prices, but the following prices are what we have found in the past. All prices are for 2 nights and 5 meals (Saturday all meals and Sunday breakfast and lunch). *
1 highest preference
3 lowest preference
$140-165 for several bunk beds in a room (between 6-8 sharing) or two bunk beds and one queen in a room (up to 5 people) with a private or shared bath
$170-190 for two queen beds with a private or shared bath at a retreat center (usually away from town) for two to four people (depending on if people want to share a bed)
$200-225 for two queen beds with private bath in a hotel or resort-style setting with private bath, sleeping two (usually nearer to town)
Any comments/explanations to the above question?
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Please rank your preference for location. (1 being your highest preference and 4 being your lowest preference) *
1 highest preference
4 lowest preference
Please let us know how far you are willing to travel for the women’s retreat, regardless of whether you are driving or riding with someone else. *
Rank the following amenities (1-5 scale where 5 is absolutely and 1 is not important at all) - Multiple choices can have the same number *
1 (not important)
5 (extremely important)
Good food and plenty of it
Private eating location for our group
Flexibility to eat where we want (i.e. going out to lunch and/or dinner)
Plush beds
One level or elevator access to retreat gatherings and room
Handicap accessible
Tranquil setting
Setting near shopping or sightseeing
Hotel-style accommodations
Free time (socializing, get to know you games, crafting, etc.)
More basic camp style retreat
Are there other amenities you would like on the retreat that are not listed in the prior question? If so, please list them here and give them a ranking.
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Would you like to have specific time to explore during the retreat? i.e. shopping, going to a garden, walking at the beach, etc. alone or with others? *
What planned activities would you enjoy?
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What topics would you be interested in exploring more deeply during the retreat?
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Would you be interested in helping out with the Women's retreat?
If so, is there an area that you would be interested in?
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Do you have any suggested speakers for upcoming Women's Retreats? If so, please list them here.
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