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Order the 2022 Bundle for free additional Psyched+ resources!
Order the 2022 Bundle (including all of our new 2022 Assessment Resources; Unit 3 SACs, Units 4 SACs, Unit 3 Trial Exam and Units 3&4 Trial Exam - please note the delivery dates in each section below) to become a Psyched+ member, unlocking extra free resources which will be sent in special Psychology Teachers' Network emails throughout the year to a nominated email address. Read more details here:
Units 3&4 Psychology Trial Exams
The Psyched Trial Exams aim to rigorously draw upon students' knowledge and skills across Units 3&4.

They are formatted in the style of the VCAA Psychology Exam, and will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions (Section A), and 70 marks worth of short-answer and extended-answer questions (Section B), including questions with multiple parts.

A comprehensive mark-by-mark Assessment Guide is included.

Units 3&4 Trial Exams will be delivered by 28/8/22.
Unit 3 Psychology Trial Exams
The Unit 3 Trial Exams are designed to help students revise their knowledge and skill as they progress through the year.

It is formatted in the style of the VCAA Psychology Exam, but will consist of 35 multiple-choice questions (Section A), and 45 marks worth of short-answer questions and an extended-answer question (Section B).

A comprehensive mark-by-mark Assessment Guide is included.

Unit 3 Trial Exams will be delivered by 9/5/22.
Units 3&4 Psychology SACs
The Psyched SACs are designed to assess students' knowledge and skills from the current VCE Units 3&4 Psychology Study Design. All Psyched SACs comply with VCAA's SAC requirements, as stated in the Study Design.

A comprehensive mark-by-mark Assessment Guide is included for all SACs.

SAC 1: 50 mark assessment (a response to a set of structured questions) on The Nervous System + Stress (Area of Study 1)
SAC 2: 50 mark assessment (a test) on Learning and Memory (Area of Study 2)
Unit 3 SACs will be delivered by 10/2/22.

SAC 1: 30 mark assessment (a test) on Consciousness and Sleep (Area of Study 1)
SAC 2: 30 mark assessment (a response to a set of structured questions) on Mental Wellbeing (Area of Study 2)
SAC 3: Advice for the Scientific Poster (Area of Study 3) - please note that this advice is identical to previous years' advice.
Unit 4 SACs will be delivered by 6/6/22.
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