True Copy of Grades/Certification Request Form
Procedure on how to request for a TCG and/or Certification from the College of Science Graduate Office are as follows:

1. Pay the processing fee of Php 20.00 per page at the U.P. Cashier's Office. CS Trust Account No. 9240-884-951-005-458
2. Fill out the online request form.
3. You may claim your requested TCG/Certification after five (5) working days. However, during PEAK SEASON it may take MORE THAN ONE (1) WEEK for it to be processed. But for those who are requesting it for Return from AWOL & LOA; Below Average and MRR you may claim it after two (2) to three (3) working days. NO OFFICIAL RECEIPT, NO TCG/CERTIFICATE.

Note: Students who already graduated may request for TCG only within one term after their graduation. Otherwise, the student should request for Official Transcript of Records at the Office of the University Registrar (Memorandum ECA No. 014-25).

* Can I request somebody to claim my True Copy of Grades?
Yes, you may request somebody to claim your true copy of grades on your behalf but he/she should present a letter of authorization together with the receipt and a valid ID with picture.

Maraming Salamat!

FOR B.S. Students who graduated kindly use the Office of the College Secretary Online Request Form.
Email address *
Last Name *
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ex. 199611342 no dash please
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e.g. for TCG-wait for grades
Official Receipt Number (payment/s will be waived during pandemic)
Amount Paid (payment/s will be waived during pandemic)
Purpose *
E-mail address of the intended recipient of the request/s NOT the requester's e-mail address (The C.S. Graduate Office/OADMAPA will be the one to send the True Copy of Grades/Certification directly to the intended recipient of the request kindly give us the e-mail address) *
E-mail address of the requester *
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