Cap City Pre-Registration Form
We state that we are not writing, filming or taping anything about the lifestyle or activity experienced on this property for the purposes of a “story”. Furthermore, a newspaper, magazine, television company, any other media form or government law enforcement agency does not employ us. We do not intend to undermine or expose the owner or persons associated with the Capital City Social Clubs, hereafter known as “Cap City”, nor interfere with the lifestyle we prefer. We are not here for any business venture.

***We agree not to hold the owners or anyone associated with Cap City responsible or liable for any accidents or occurrences as a result of visiting the club and/or hotel for a party.
***We accept all risks ourselves. We understand that there are no fees charged, but that a membership donation is accepted. This agreement applies each and every time we visit the property known as Cap City.


Rules of Cap City:
Please do not give the location out to non-members instead give the web address ( or Capcitysocialclub on SLS

NO MEANS NO the first time, if it feels wrong it probably is. Be respectful of others and their property.
No Smoking anywhere except designed areas. NO GLASS outside your room.

Please watch your alcohol intake. Unruly or drunken behavior will not be tolerated. No drugs and/or weapons of any kind are permitted on the premises.

The club will provide ice, sodas and juice; all other beverages are your own responsibility, BYOB.
NO CAMERAS of any kind (video, digital, phones, etc.) are allowed outside your room.
No sex and/or nudity are allowed in the club area or any other public area of the hotel, until approved by us.
You are responsible for your room (cleaning etc. )

I hereby state that I have read and will abide by the rules of Cap City and I understand that breaking the rules may ban me from returning and/or cause immediate removal from the property.
We need to make sure every reads above and fills out the form for each person attending a CapCity Party.
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