2019 ArtsBridge Music Theatre Intensive - Technical Track Application
The ArtsBridge 3-Day Music Theatre Intensive gives high school students the opportunity to work with theatre professionals in a concentrated workshop environment, provides experiential skills both on and off the stage, and culminates in a final, student-produced showcase.

This intensive will focus on two separate tracks: performance and technical. The Performance Track, comprised of Acting the Song, Dance Technique, Vocal Ensemble Studio Work, Audition Preparation, and Business Skills sessions, will culminate with a student-led showcase performance of student work, and is comprised of an auditioned cast of 25. The Technical Track will offer students the ability to work in all areas of Design (Costume, Prop, Lighting, Sound, and Set), and to be assigned one leadership role based on his/her interest, and will be comprised of a crew of 25. Those interested in participating in the intensive must submit either an audition and application for the performance track or an application for the technical track. APPLICATION DEADLINE - MAY 1ST, 2019 AT 5:00PM

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