LKS Parent Council Voting Member Form
Please fill out this form if you wish to be a voting member of the LKS Parent Council. This is NOT a form to become a member of the Executive. A voting member will vote on decisions made by Parent Council and voting members are expected to attend Parent Council meetings whenever possible.
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By clicking this box, you agree to attend (virtually or in person) as many Parent Council meetings as possible. *
I agree to have my name listed on the Parent Council bulletin board for election purposes. *
Are you an employee of the Toronto District School Board? (A person is not qualified to be a parent member of council if he or she is employed at the school or employed elsewhere by the Board, unless he or she takes reasonable steps to inform people qualified to vote in the election of parent members of that employment) *
Thank you for supporting Parent Council! Please let us know your skills/interests so that we may contact you about any volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
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