JA Career Success Program
Thank you very much for volunteering and stepping into the classroom to work with our teachers and students. A Junior Achievement representative will provide the curriculum and training for all volunteers.
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This is a JA curriculum that allows you to work with the 9th & 10th grade students. The focus is to emphasize soft skills and workplace skill sets. This program runs through March 28th to May 3rd.. See select dates for the classes below.
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This is a 5 week program covering 7 lessons.
Theses are the required dates:
Week 1 - March 28 (even periods)/March 29 (odd periods)
Week 2 - April 6
Week 3 - April 13
Week 4 - April 20
Week 5 - May 2 (even periods)/May 3 (odd periods)
Select the Class Period and time you can volunteer. This will be your class period for 5 weeks. Special note-for week 1 and week 5 only- times will change due to the block schedule. Even periods are on Wednesday, Odd Periods are on Thursdays. *
Please complete the online dividend application. Link is below.
Go to http://tinyurl.com/Dividend-Sign-up to sign up. You are required to be a registered dividend to participate.
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