Want to join Brooke & Lyra's Bookstagram Tribe? It's easy!
Hey guys! We're looking for bookstagrammers that we can send goody packages to before a new release in exchange for a picture or promo on your platform. If you enjoy receiving book mail and taking pictures, then please sign up!!

Please note not everyone who applies will receive the same packages at the same time. We'll rotate with each release or sale!

This is not the same as signing up for eARCs, promo blitzes, or cover reveals. Those will all be with a different form for each new release.

Thank you!
-Brooke & Lyra

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We don't guarantee anything as we might send packages out randomly and rotate people between releases!
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Thanks for applying! We won't be sending out confirmations once we decide, so each release we'll be sending out surprise packages! -Brooke & Lyra
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