SCA High School Course Change Request
Students may complete this form to REQUEST a course change by Thursday, January 10 . Many classes are at capacity and changes may not be possible. No change is official until you have received email confirmation from the Director of Guidanc. Students must attend their scheduled class until the change has been confirmed in RenWeb and with the Director of Guidance.
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I have discussed this course change with my parents/guardians, and they are in agreement with the change.
Important Note
If your course change request involved courses with summer work, you are responsible for completing all summer work for the course change to be completed. Please speak with the teacher of the course about any summer requirements prior to completing the course change request.
Students who complete course changes after the first day of school may be responsible for the cost of change in textbooks/e-books. Please the Director of Guidance and Enrollment Services with specific questions regarding textbooks.
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