• VCOxLFM FLExTREME at a glance: 

    26 November 2022  
    18 December 2022 
    7 January 2023
    21 January 2023
    4 February 2023 
    18 February 2023

    Teams: 40 (+second grid if we receive enough sign ups) 
    Platform: Assetto Corsa Competizione 
    Prize Pool: 10,000 Euros 
    Entry Fee: none 
    Drivers: max. 4 drivers per entry (3 per race) 

    Format: 6 Semi Endurance Races (4 in GT3, 2 in single-make races). 

    FLExTREME Concept: Balance of Performance is a major topic in GT3 racing. We want to limit its impact and give teams a wider range of viable cars while giving teams agency over the BoP. A draft show will precede the series during which teams will select their car in a multi-stage process. 

    Depending on a car's general performance across the tracks of the season and the amount of teams choosing it, we will determine each car's BoP budget during the draft show. Teams need to spend that budget over the course of the four GT3 races.

    Two additional races are contested with a single make (Porsche 992 Cup & BMW M2 CS Racing) in an attempt to further highlight the human factor. 

    Prize Money: Prize money will be awarded for various objectives apart from the finishing position. Fastest lap, best overtake, save or most positions gained are also rewarded. As a major cornerstone to make Esports racing attractive to partners, VCO will assist teams and drivers to meet the communication requirements throughout the series. Prize money incentives are tied to a minimum effort of communication around the series. 

    Qualifying Format: You'll hopefully love it 

    Cars: GT3 + Porsche 992 Cup / BMW M2 CS Racing 

    Tracks: 6 different tracks 

    With VCOxLFM FLExTREME we plan to raise the benchmark of Esports racing entertainment - providing season-long story lines and a range of objectives and surprises to keep viewers captivated and thrilled.

    Please submit this form by 11 November 2022 in order to confirm your interest in participation. Should there be more registered teams than available entry slots, VCO will determine the participants.

    For any question surrounding VCOxLFM FLExTREME, please join our Discord at and use the #ask-vco channel. All series organisation will then happen on LFM's Discord at 
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