Ovarian Cancer BRCA testing checklist
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Training checklist
Welcome. The following questions have been designed to provide you with a checklist of the knowledge you should have acquired to be able to undertake BRCA testing.

Once you have completed the checklist please click "Send Form". You will then receive a certificate of completion of training by email, which you will be able to print or save  for your records. (Note: It is essential that you enter your correct email address, so that you can receive this certificate.)

Please note: the certificate of completion does not necessarily mean you can undertake BRCA testing, that would require authorisation for your hospital / NHS centre.
1. What is your name? *
Please use format GIVEN_NAME FAMILY_NAME  Example: Abigail Smith
2. What is your job title? *
Examples: Consultant Oncologist, Specialist Registrar, Clinical Nurse Specialist, etc.
3. Which hospital / NHS centre do you work for?
4. What is your email address? *
Please ensure this is accurately completed so that your certificate of completion can reach you.
5. Have you: *
All of the list below need to be completed.
6. Do you feel confident that you understand the described processes and your role in them and do you feel ready to start offering genetic testing to appropriate patients? *
7. Are you clear about which patients you can offere genetic testing to?  If not, please review MCG ELM3b? *
8. Are you aware that some patients that do not meet the direct testing criteria outlined in the Ovarian cancer BRCA testing protocol MCG P2 may still be eligible for genetic testing, but will need referral to genetics? Are you confident that you will be able to refer and/or contact the Genetics team to discuss potential referral when appropriate? If not, please review MCG ELM3b and re-read MCG FAQ1. *
9. Are you aware that the timing of testing is at the discretion of the clinician and patient and can be undertaken at any time in the cancer patient pathway? *
10. Do you feel confident about discussing genetic testing with your patients and are you clear that you should refer the patient for a genetics appointment if there are any issues that emerge that you are not able to address, either because of knowledge or time constraints? *
11. Are you clear about the different follow-up processes for tests in which a mutation is identified, tests in which no mutation is identified and tests in which a variant requiring evaluation (VRE) is identified? If not, please review MCG ELM3b and re-read MCG FAQ1. *
Thank you for completing this checklist.
Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a certificate of completion by email to the address you supplied in Question 4 above.
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