Beginners Course of Argentine Tango
A 5-week course for absolute beginners opens every month. Each class will last for 1 hour. Course dates will be announced 1-2 months prior to the start of each new course.
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Usually it's men lead and girls follow in tango dance; however, girls can learn leaders' steps and men can learn followers' part as well in the class.
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A dance partner is not a necessary to start your tango. Also we will encourage students to change partner during the class.
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I understand there will be no any risky or dangerous movements required during the course, however, I hereby agree that Malevos Tango will not be responsible for any injuries caused during the workshop.本人明白課程中並無任何高風險的動作,然而,若工作坊期間發生任何如扭傷等意外,Malevos Tango School不會為此負責。
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