Xpress Refill Registration
Mabuhay! Thank you for your interest in accessing treatment via the Xpress Refill service.

In this service, you will be able to receive your ARV refill via delivery. No need to go to your LoveYourself community center. Receive your medication at your time of convenience.

*If you have previously signed up in the same link (go.loveyourself.ph/xpressrefill) within the last few days and you are waiting for a response, you don't have to signup again as we are COLLECTING ALL responses.

RITM and San Lazaro clients should call their Treatment Hub instead for refill.

If you are a CLIENT of a NON-LOVEYOURSELF Treatment Facility, and may be near one of our centers for ON-SITE REFILL, or need assistance locating any nearby DOH-designated Facility (go.loveyourself.ph/txhubs), no need to signup here. Just bring a valid ID, your Treatment Booklet, or Confirmatory, or endorsement from your Treatment Facility. You may contact us directly at these hotlines:

0956 615 1230
0999 449 4180
0915 310 7337
0999 449 4174
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Taking ARVs regularly and consistently helps you achieve Undetectable Viral Load
Faster 2-Step Process
There are 2 steps you need to follow to receive your ARV supply.

Step 1. Sign up: Give your details in this online form. Within 5 BUSINESS days, we will contact you via SMS and/or call.

Step 2. ARV Delivery: We will send your ARV resupply after assessment. No need to send payment to us, just PAY the rider and SIGN the usual forms at point of delivery. Deliveries are from 12PM-8PM.

If we are unable to reach you at your current location, we will also call and give you further advice on where to access your medication.

*Please take note that the above process may be subject to change without prior notice as we respond to the developing situation, and as we assess how we can serve all clients better continuously
Client Code *
Example: If you were enrolled in 2019, your code is something like TLY19-1234. The letters change according to your center e.g. VLY for Victoria. You may be most familiar with the last four digits. This can also be found in your Treatment Booklet. If you forgot, you can put "0000"
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Check the label on your bottle to confirm
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