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Cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings regulation
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Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrency
The taxation section outlines the treatment of cryptocurrency for different tax purposes, as well as tax exemptions and deductions. (Please provide your sources)
The accounting section provides guidelines such as when tokens should be recorded as costs in profits and loss statements, in off-balance accounts, or accounted at fair value. (Please provide your sources)
Anti-Money Laundering/ Combating the Financing of Terrorism (Please provide your sources)
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Are security token allowed?
Tokens which are directly related to the growth of the company. These are typically seen as being within the purview of securities regulations in these jurisdictions.
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Are utility token allowed?
Tokens which have some sort of use in the project selling the token. This can be a pre-order, a discount, a membership, etc. These token, which have free floating prices, have an indirect correlation to the growth of the company due to token scarcity. There seems to be very little regulatory clarity around these kinds of tokens.
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Are transaction tax free?
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