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Please note that you are not obliged to attend until you have paid the deposit.
All the information that you are giving us is confidential (it’s for our eyes only: the teachers).
Please contact Jennie if you have any questions and she’s happy to help:

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PART 1: Course content
Why is yoga important to you?
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Is there anything that you feel nervous about regarding this course? Please let us know and we’ll support you.
PART 2: Yoga teacher training experience
Have you completed yoga teacher trainings before? If yes, please list them below (yoga style, hours and main teacher. If you’ve done many, you don’t have to list all of them.)
PART 3: For yoga teachers
Are you already teaching yoga? If yes, please list the styles below + years of experience for each style.
Are you already teaching Yin Yoga?
PART 4: Your own practice
What is your practice routine at the moment? How often, which styles, self-practice or at studios?
Do you already have a regular Yin Yoga practice? If yes: which style? Which teachers/recordings do you prefer?
PART 5: About you
Tell us a little about what your everyday life looks like at the moment.
Do you have any injuries?
Do you take any medications?
Are you currently diagnosed with a mental health condition? This is for us to know how to modify the practice in a healthy way that will be for your benefit.
Part 6:
How did you hear of this course? Have you practiced with us before?
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Thank you so much!
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