PMD: Choosing Our Fate - Legendary Personalities
This form is to suggest personalities for the Legendary Pokemon! Keeping in mind, not all Legendary Pokemon will appear in comic and for most Legendaries, there will only be one. You have unlimited responses as well, so feel free to come up with multiple ideas!

-Do not submit your own, pre-made characters. This is not a cameo and should be new characters.
---This includes but is not limited to previously made characters, characters made by others, and Pokesonas

All questions are optional, a few questions bring note to this just to remind you.
I may mix and match entries or make minor adjusts.
Concise descriptions are preferred! Remember, this isn't English class, "Serious" is preferred to "NAME is a serious Pokemon, they're serious all the time". ;D

If you want to edit a previous response, contact me on Smackjeeves, Tumblr, or Patreon. I'll be able to help you from there!

Species (specifying form is optional)
Gender (Pronouns)
Considering most are Genderless, this is just what pronouns to use
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