Nightingale: Year 10
This is the first of several tools, serious and silly, designed to ask our community what should happen in April 2018 when Chicago's beloved (and possibly beleaguered) microcinema, the Nightingale turns a decade old. Don't worry too much; we don't promise to do what you tell us. As we approach year ten we are interested in a transparent exploration of what this place has been and could be, what is needed from spaces like this in Chicago now, and the changing nature of moving image presentation. Thank you so much for all of the support and love you have given this place for the last nine years!
What should the organizers of the Nightingale plan to do upon the 10th anniversary in April 2018?
If you answered for "Go non-profit" - do you have any ideas for what should be included in the mission of a more formal Nightingale or bags of money to donate or friends who would want to be on the board? Use the space below to tell us anything we should know about crazy Option 3.
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Do you have questions or feedback about this assessment effort? Would you like someone from the Nightingale to reach out to have a more in-depth conversation? Leave your email below and a few words about what you would like to talk about and we will be in touch.
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