PPT Social Documentary Photography Course


The Photography Promotion Trust is very pleased to offer a residential course to the aspirants and professional photojournalists outside picturesque town of Guhagar for a period of 30 days to come, interact and grow as an artist and photojournalist. The faculty of vastly experienced photojournalists will encourage the participant to find his/her personal visual voice through sharing, collaboration and response.

Participant will be provided an accommodation and work space for 30 days in Guhagar at a resort, Shantai - By the Lake. The participant will receive exclusive attention from the mentors to identify and attend subsequent milestones in their growth. Participants are welcome, yet not required to produce a final exhibition or book or an alternative outcome. However building a portfolio, learning to use social media to promote the work, mounting photo-exhibitions, raising funds for projects and applying for grants will be a part of the objective skills sets.

The course starts fundamental understanding of the theory and mechanics of picture making with strong emphasis on ethics in photojournalism. The course also offers practical sessions and field visits with the mentors in real-time situations that will prepare the students for the real, ever-changing professional world. The core motive of the course is to provide the students an organic platform to create earnest dialogues and to evolve as a social change-maker with intimate and responsible visual content.


The Photography Promotion Trust (PPT) is a non profit organization that uses the skills of photography to create definitive change in the lives of socially marginalized communities and promotes Social Documentary Photography. PPT aims at utilizing photography as a tool for engagement in marginalized communities and to support photographers who want to tell stories through pictures in a way that fosters social change. This PPT Flagship Course on Photojournalism is an effort to fill the vacuum in the educational opportunities in Photojournalism, powered by the internationally renowned photojournalists.


For further queries, please feel free to write to us at photography.ppt@gmail.com. The application form requires your Resume/CV (in .doc or .pdf format with size less than 10 MB) and a set of 10 pictures (each less than 1 MB in size.) Please name all documents with the title of the document and your name (Example:CV_Name, Images_Number_Name.)


100.000 INR will cover accommodation, breakfast and two meals a day at a serene and picturesque resort, Shantai - By the Lake located in Guhagar near Chiplun (5 Hour train journey from Mumbai.)

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