We know, we know - it's been a while since we've put out a bunch of new choices and we appreciate everyone that has continued ordering while our team navigated all things restaurant business and life : )

We're gearing up to give our menu a Fall facelift (#fallfacelift let's make it happen haha) AND we want to know what you would like to see on it!

The survey takes about 2 mins  and you'll receive your discount code once you've submitted your answers.

BTW - that discount get's you meals for $6.65...that's crazy, we know.

Thanks in advance for your support, time, and feedback!

**ALREADY ORDERED THIS WEEK** no worries, your code can be used for next week!
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What best describes your Fall/Winter eating habits? *
How important are immunity boosting benefits when choosing your food? *
What would you like to see on our Fall/Winter menu? *
EX: more pasta dishes, more Tex-Mex dishes, more breakfast items, please make a healthy version of [insert your fave meal here]
Would you like to see more soups for the Fall/Winter menu? *
Which protein do you eat the most? *
Which best describes your food flow? *
Do you need Grocery Items? *
We currently offer a Grocery Box, but we know that your personal needs may vary. Would you purchase any of the following items on a weekly basis along with your meal order?
Favorite meal you've had with us? *
Least favorite meal you've had with us OR one you're scared to try - and why? *
Haven't shopped with us recently OR coming less often because of... *
Would you like to have a home/work delivery option for $9.99? *
Describe your retail experience *
Please select all that apply...we promise no one will get in trouble, we're just looking to deliver the BEST experience
Other feedback? *
Is there anything else we can do to improve your experience with us?
Anyone you'd like to connect us with?
Is there someone in your world you think we would mesh well with - catering, partnership, pickup location, etc?
for taking the time to complete this survey. After submitting you'll be shown the 30% OFF Promo Code.

One of our largest challenges during these times has been getting the word out there - that we're open, that we're a safe/convenient option, or that we even exist.

In the past we relied on in-person events among other marketing channels, but now YOU SPREADING THE WORD is more valuable than ever!

Please take a second to deposit a lil good karma and share us with a friend/organization/etc : )
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