Relay For Life Media Partner Form
Media Partners support the Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) by promoting the event, by telling volunteers' stories, playing Radio PSA's, printing our official notices and by sharing news throughout the Relay season and on Relay weekend -- and by raising money for the American Cancer Society!

Supporting RFL of SL will show your listeners or readers that you are not just a radio stream, magazine, newspaper or blog, but that you are committed to SL community involvement and are determined to make a difference in the fight against cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society.

As an Official Media Partner for the Relay For Life of Second Life we ask you to make the following commitment:


* Radio Media Streams support RFL through the playing of our PSAs a minimum of 1 time every 4 hours. The approved audio PSAs are located here and are the ONLY official ones to be played on your station. The PSA list is updated frequently and some do have specific dates you may want to take note of.

* Radio Media Streams support RFL by displaying the RFL Official Media Partner logo on their website. If there is no website, the logo will be displayed at the in-world media location. The logo will be supplied to you.

* Radio Media Streams support RFL by promotion of news and press releases periodically throughout the Relay season

* Radio Media Streams support RFL by promotion and sharing of activities /news during the 24 hour Relay weekend July 15 & 16, 2017.


* Publications support RFL by displaying the RFL Official Media Partner logo on their main web page and in each issue of their publication(s) for the duration of the Relay season. This logo will be supplied to you.

* Publications support RFL by publishing/broadcasting RFL of SL press releases, official notices and news.

* Publications and TV stations publish periodic Relay Information for Sponsorship, Kick Off, Relay Weekend as supplied by the committee.

* TV partners are encouraged to run the voice-over PSAs with the RFL logo as B-roll.


* Bloggers support RFL of SL by displaying the RFL official media partner logon on their supporter bar for the duration of the Relay season.

* Bloggers support RFL of SL by announcing events or activities as distributed via our periodic press releases supplied to you.


* We will promote your media outlet on our Media Partner page on the Relay For Life of Second Life website: (All Media)

* We will provide inclusion by placing your logo and link on our RFL of SL Supporter Board; displayed at all committee-run events including Relay Weekend. (All Media))

* You will have opportunities for exclusive interviews and photos with the RFL Committee (subject to scheduling) throughout the Relay season. (Radio, Publication, Blog)

* We will have a specially created observation platform for you to broadcast from during the 24 Hour Relay Weekend, July 15 & 16, 2017. This will extend over the track and will include your logo providing clear view of your presence for all Relayers who pass underneath. (Radio only)

* We will provide or allow you to provide a size-restricted publication kiosk to display on each region at Relay Weekend (one per region) that if clicked will provide a copy of your publication. (Publication only)

* We will provide a special live broadcast area on our Activities regions for your use during Relay Weekend with the Relay Track as your backdrop. (Live broadcast times must be reserved in advance) (Radio/TV)

* We will provide early (but limited) access to applicable events for photo shoots, interviews or coverage to be included in your media source. (TV, Publication, Blog)

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