Ride the Waves aboard MTU's Agassiz ~ 2018
Michigan Tech’s Ride the Waves Program invites Grades 4-12 students to join scientists from Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center in the exploration of Lake Superior, Portage Waterway and Torch Lake. Programs are led by the Center for Science & Environmental Outreach staff and MTU students and funded by General Motors Foundation.

Teachers and group leaders should complete the form below listing several desired dates.

(1) Navigation - a 2-hour session on navigation basics in Room 104 of the Great Lakes Research Center, followed by an 2 hour excursion to apply navigation skills. Students will use chart dividers and compasses to make mathematical measurements of distance, angles and lines to determine the Agassiz’s position on a navigational chart!

(2) Aquatic Food Web - 1.5 hours on the Agassiz collecting data on water clarity, depth, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, phyto- and zooplankton, and benthic organisms, and 1.5 hours in Lab 102 of the Great Lakes Research Center, to look at the data/collections.

(3) Mine Waste Remediation & Torch Lake Restoration - 2 hrs land; 2 hrs on the Agassiz The history of the “Copper Country” is explored ‘by land and water’ as students visit historic copper milling sites, reclaimed mine waste sites, and the bottom of Torch Lake.

(4) Jacobsville Geoheritage ((1.5 hours land; 1.5 hours Agassiz) Explore the fantastic history and geology of Jacobsville. Students will visit the sandstone cliffs, and old quarry docks and South Entry data buoy to pull up live data. On land, they will explore the history of White City. We will have lunch together at White City Park. Meeting point: White City Park by breakwater. Ideal for Grades 4-12 students.

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Aquatic Food Web - Grades 4 - 12 ~ Please list at least 3 dates that work for you.
3-hour session: 1.5 hours on the Agassiz and 1.5 hours in the lab.
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Navigation Exploration - Grades 8 -12 ~ Please list at least 3 dates that work for you.
4-hour session, 2 hrs on Agassiz & 2 hours in classroom at the Great Lakes Research Center
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Torch Lake Remediation - Grades 6 - 12 ~ Please list at least 3 dates that work for you.
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Jacobsville Geoheritage - Grades 4 - 12~ Please list at least 3 dates that work for you.
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