Low-Income Multi-Family Retrofit Program: Enrollment Application
Use this form to submit basic information about your site. You may want to review all the questions before starting. Please note, if you need to save your progress and complete the form later, simply indicate in the last question that your form is incomplete and click submit. You will receive an email with a button for accessing your application. When you have finished editing it, indicate that it is complete and resubmit. We will not review your application until it says complete.
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Low-income = less than or equal to 60% of Area Median Income
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Is this site undergoing refinance now or in the next three years?
Any plans for capital improvements in the next 12 months?
Specifically roofs, walls/ceilings/floors, siding, mod rehab, appliance upgrades, or htg system/DHW
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Any other information we should know, including constraints on doing work this year?
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Energy Benchmarking
After we receive your application, we will ask you to provide us with energy usage information. If you are applying for a state-funded public housing site, please contact DHCD for instructions. For all other applicants, we recommend using WegoWise, a 3rd-party online tool for tracking energy and water use. Please indicate below if you already have an account with WegoWise or if you would like to sign up for an account, or if you will provide an alternative form. We will contact you with instructions once your application is deemed eligible.
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