Generation Z Survey
Generation Z is wonderfully unique, but there isn't a lot of data available on the group as a whole. If you were born between the years 1996 and 2010, take the survey as honestly as you can to help give a voice to your generation. Please feel free to share the link for your friends to take survey, too. EDIT: This is just a basic survey to help me get a baseline, and it is US-centric at this point.
The responses will be used to help give your generation and platform and voice to advocate for your futures and become leaders in your communities. Hoping to start a bigger dialogue with older generations. Questions? Email Janice Johnson at
What year were you born? *
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Should members of the LGBTQ+ community be allowed to serve in the military? *
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I approve of Trump's performance as President. *
What do you believe is the cause of climate change? *
Do you support multiracial/multicultural relationships? *
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What do you feel is the biggest issue currently facing Americans?
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What do you want older generations to understand about Gen Z?
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