CONFIDENCE - Dissemination Workshop pre-registration
Coping with uncertainties for improved modelling and decision making in nuclear emergencies - 2-5 December 2019, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

• to disseminate the knowledge acquired and to demonstrate the capability of the developed models, methods, approaches, guides, recommendations and tools,
• to collect feedback from end users on outputs and remaining research requirements or improvements in models/guides etc. as a feedback to the Platforms to further develop their Strategic Research Agendas and Joint roadmap.

Topics of workshop:
- Model improvement in the pre- and release phase, through uncertainty analysis and propagation with an ensemble approach
- Reduction of uncertainty in dose assessment for improving situation awareness and risk estimation
- Radiological modelling: fit for purpose
- Transition to long-term recovery, involving stakeholders in decision-making processes
- Social, ethical and communicational aspects of uncertainty management
- Decision making under uncertainties
- Education and training
- Strategic Research Agendas and CONCERT Joint roadmap in view of CONFIDENCE achievements

For further information please contact the hosted Coordinator (Tatiana Duranova – You can also download the first announcement at the NERIS web page .

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