Growing Up Army Survey
Thank you for taking time to fill out this survey. Your answers will help us create the Growing Up Army Game for the National Museum of the U.S. Army.
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What is your opinion of the term "Army Brat"? *
Which trait is most characteristic of an Army child? *
How do you feel when you see a Soldier in uniform? *
How many times have you experienced the deployment of a family member? *
If you’ve had to move because of a parent or family member’s job, what was that like for you? *
How many different places have you lived? *
What is your house like? *
In how many different countries have you lived? *
In how many different U.S. states or territories have you lived? *
What was the hardest part about moving to a new place? *
What was the best thing about moving to a new place? *
What is your best advice for kids going through an Army move? *
When you move from one place to another, do you stay in touch with old friends? *
Is it easy or difficult to make new friends? *
When someone asks you, “Where are you from?” what do you tell them? *
Where do you consider “home”? *
Where do you most feel you belong? *
Do you have a place that means more to you than others? Why? *
What sports teams do you root for? *
What’s the best place to hang out on post? *
What’s the best thing about living in an Army community? *
What’s life like on an Army base? *
On average, how frequently has your family moved? *
Where has the Army taken you and your family? *
Have you lived outside the continental US (OCONUS)? *
Do you have any mementos to help you remember places you’ve lived? *
What languages do you speak? *
To which community do you feel most strongly connected? *
Where do you do most of your shopping?
Where did/do you go to school? *
What’s the most stressful thing about changing schools? *
What’s the best way to support parents during a deployment? *
How many generations of Army personnel are there in your family? *
How long, on average have you spent in each place you’ve lived? *
Who in your family has been deployed to a combat zone? *
What’s the biggest difference between Army and civilian families? *
What’s the toughest thing about being an Army kid? *
What are your future Army plans?
How has Growing Up Army affected you?
Which U.S. service branch is the best? *
My favorite place for food on post is: *
What sport is most popular at base schools? *
43. I was born…? *
The place I want to go next is…?
In the Army Song the “Army Goes..?” *
My favorite Army tank is… *
Of the dozens of Army bases in the US, how many have you visited? *
The Army Mascot is a mule because… ? *
My favorite place to eat on base is...? *
If I could learn any Army skill today I would want to…? *
I learned to drive…? *
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