FHS Local Scholarship Application 2018-2019
Applications must be submitted no later than 4:00 pm, Friday, March 15. Applications submitted after this date/time will NOT be considered. Please note that if new scholarships become available, they will be added. If a scholarship becomes unavailable for any reason, it will be removed from the list. Please check back periodically for any updates or additions.

Other scholarships with separate paper forms will be available in the main office and library as they arrive.

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Check each scholarship for which you wish to apply. The Hobart Lytal, Doris Fitzgerald, and Walter Smith scholarships are all separate applications from this one. See Mrs. Marty for any athletic scholarship applications. *
List all extracurricular activities in which you have participated in high school (teams, clubs, plays, student government, etc). *
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If applying for the QSA Scholarship, what QSA sports did you play, and when (if not applicable, state N/A):
All Applicants: Please submit a one-page typed essay addressing "Who are you, and what are you all about?" For example, who are you and your family; what are your interests and passions; how important has your community been in shaping you as you grow up; how will your choice of post-secondary education benefit your community wherever you choose to settle? *
Darrell Smith Vocational Scholarship Applicants: Please submit your choice of a 1 page essay, 1 minute video, or 1 minute audio message with your views on "Benefits of Working."
For the Joe Martin Memorial Scholarship - What happens when a good man dies? When Joe Martin died, the people of the Quinlan-Tawakoni area began a scholarship in his name because he truly cared about QISD students having the opportunity to further their education. Our community knew that would be the best way to honor him. The $1000 scholarship has been given every year since 1994. The story of Joe Martin is one that encourages all of us to work hard and care about people, because we will all leave some kind of legacy. He left a legacy of dedication to family, friends, and education. Joe Martin was born January 14, 1950 in Dallas. He received the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 13. He attended Texas A&M Commerce where he received his B.S. degree in 1972, and his M.E. in 1976. He was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, where he served as staff sponsor while he worked on his Master's degree. He moved to the Quinlan-Tawakoni area when he graduated college to serve as a science teacher and coach for Quinlan Middle School; eventually he moved to the position of assistant principal during the years of 1975-1983. He became the first principal of Cannon Elementary. The next step was assistant superintendent, and finally superintendent in 1993. He worked his way through Quinlan ISD because the question he would always ask himself was, "What's best for the kids?" He was professional in all that he did - whether coaching for QISD or QSA, whether speaking in front of all the QISD teachers or talking to a student about future plans, whether being on the administrative council for First United Methodist Church of Quinlan or going on a buying frenzy at Christmas for children who didn't have anything. His children are both graduates of QISD. His daughter Jill currently teaches 1st grade at Cannon, and his son Jeff is a Technical Support Manager for a Dallas company. His wife Jan taught in QISD for 20 years and began the PAL program. Joe Martin was a good person and that is who this scholarship is for - good young people, destined to make a positive difference in the world. Is that you? Respond below with how you embody the spirit and legacy of Joe Martin.
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