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The Mt. Airy Village Fair is an interactive street fair and celebration of community held each fall in Mt. Airy Village, Philadelphia. This year’s Fair will take place this year on Sunday September 16, 2018.

At this year’s Village Fair, we plan to distribute ~300 ‘Fair Dollars’ as part of a temporary experiment in the creation of a Community Currency in Northwest Philadelphia. Our aim is to encourage support of local businesses and make our vibrant, diverse and powerful neighborhood more prosperous and self-reliant. We are looking to enlist neighborhood businesses like yours who will agree to accept 2018 Fair Dollars for part or all of a financial transaction from those who get them at the Fair this year. We are reaching out now to see if you are interested and willing to participate!

Businesses will agree:

* to accept Fair Dollars until December 31, 2018.
* to put a "2018 Fair Dollars Accepted Here" sign in your window. Sign would include picture of a Fair Dollar with notation "until December 31, 2018."
* to explain to staff that Fair Dollars are accepted.

Businesses will get:

* Listed in the first directory that's handed out at the Fair, and in the Weavers Way Shuttle (free advertising!).
* Accepting Fair Dollars can serve as a promotional coupon, except that Businesses can spend dollars collected at other local businesses that accept Fair Dollars, and/or at next year's Fair. You can also gift collected dollars out to family and friends and customers, or community organizations!

Each Fair Dollar is backed by an actual dollar. At the end of the experiment, each business will have the option of redeeming Fair Dollars collected or donating all or part of the $ to fund the initiative and/or next year's Village Fair.
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E-Signature: By signing your name here, you agree to: 1) accept Fair Dollars until December 31, 2018; 2) put a "2018 Fair Dollars Accepted Here" sign in the window of our Business; 3) explain to staff that Fair Dollars are accepted.
Thank you for your participation!!!
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