FAMNM Forums Team Registration
This form is for FRC teams to fill out in order to register your team members for the forums. The forums will take place on October 21st from 10am to 3pm in the EECS building at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Light refreshments will be provided. More information can be found at our website: http://famnm.club/events/robotics-forums.html

While registration is not required to attend, our maximum attendance is limited so it is in your best interest to register ahead of time. We may request that you limit the number of attendees per team, but this will only occur if absolutley necessary and you will be notified far ahead of time. Finally, we need an accurate count of attendees to plan the best even we can, so we request, if your team plans to attend, that you fill out this registration form as soon as possible and with a good estimate of the number of students attending.

Feel free to email klineama@umich.edu with any questions.

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