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Terms and Conditions
Current Rates for lessons are available on our website at:

Lesson dates are available on our website at:

By signing below, you confirm that you have reviewed the above websites and agree to the pricing structure detailed on the pricing page shown at the URL above and to the lesson dates listed on the calendar page shown at the URL above. Our pricing does change slightly on occasion. If it does, we will notify you via email of any future pricing changes and update the website accordingly. Prices will never change during a session.

You have been emailed a confirmed start date and time for lessons. By submitting this form, you are committing to all of the remaining lessons in the current session at the time that you have confirmed. Please note that the remaining total due for the current session must be paid in full, regardless of student attendance. As with many academic institutions, tuition payments are due regardless of attendance or cancellation. We do not offer refunds or makeup lessons in the event of a student cancellation. We find that consistent, regular attendance contributes to the best possible progress for our students. All lessons cancelled by The Prindle School, for any reason, will be refunded in full or can be made up according to your wishes.

At the end of each session, you will be invited via email to register for the following session. You may reply to that email to confirm your registration, which will constitute renewal of this contract. You agree to familiarize yourself with the calendar for the new session by reviewing the calendar page at the URL given above.

Please note that your registration is final once you have submitted this form. However, your preferred lesson time cannot be held until you have made a payment for the first month of lessons. Please see the email you received for payment details.

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