African American Cultural Asset Inventory
Get on the African American Cultural Asset Inventory!
We are working on a project to compile a Cultural Asset Inventory of Long Beach, California as part of the African American Cultural Center Community Visioning Plan. The Inventory's goal is to provide a comprehensive and accessible record of the people, organizations, places, and events—the Who, What, Where and When—that provide the rich cultural life and heritage of Long Beach, California. We are committed to promoting the Inventory and the creative community it represents.

Please share the inventory broadly with your colleagues in the arts, culture and heritage community.

* Name- Name of organization or cultural entity or asset, this can be an individuals name in the case of an individual artist
* Description- A short description of what the asset is i.e. cultural council, artist, performing arts group, public art, dance school, music school etc. please include regardless of if it seems redundant to the name of the organization or asset.
* Details- Up to 100 words describing what is on offer at this cultural asset.
* Contact Name- Individual who should be contacted with inquiries about this asset.
* Email Address- Should correspond with contact name or lead to general inquiry account for asset.
* Phone- Phone number for asset.
* Mailing Address- Address at which mail for entity can be received, does not necessarily need to correspond with physical location.
* Website URL- URL to view website of asset, or of entity who manages asset if applicable.
* Physical Location- Physical location of the asset can be provided with either Longitude and Latitude or via a street address, this location should indicate the actual physical location of an asset.

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