Christian Life Survey
The purpose of this survey is to learn about the spiritual culture of Liberty Christian Academy. Please be honest when responding. This survey is confidential and anonymous. Your answers will not identify who you are.
Please select: *
Grade Level: *
Approximately how frequently do you attend church? *
Do you attend a program at church specifically for youth/teens? *
If you attend church, do your parents (one or both) attend church with you?
Have you made a decision to be a Christian and committed your life to Christ? *
Outside of church and school, how often do you read your Bible? *
Outside of church and school, how often do you pray? *
Finish the following sentence: When I get angry, I am most likely to: *
Things that bother me the most at school are (choose up to 3): *
Characteristics I look for in a leader at school (choose up to 3): *
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