Student Volunteers for Note-Taking
Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Houston area making some areas impossible to travel in and out of. Because of this, some students will not be able to attend the first few days of classes, and will be potentially behind in their various classes.

The Senate of College Councils is looking for student volunteers that would be willing to take notes in their classes for students affected by Hurricane Harvey. We hope these volunteers will assist their fellow students by working with their instructors to post notes through canvas. Student volunteers would need to be available for note-taking until at least Friday, September 8th. At this point, we will reassess how many students still need assistance before making it make to campus. After that point, we will notify volunteers as to whether they still need to provide notes for all students.

***It is crucial that you let your professor know that you have volunteered to take notes for that given class. We want students to help as much as possible while still abiding by the student honor code, which varies for some classes (as far as note-sharing and group work is concerned). We recommend talking with them about this the first day of class. That being said, this service was approved by the Provost's Office, and we hope that professors will be willing to help.***

For more information, check out this word doc (!

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out our President, Austin Reynolds (

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