Community Investment Fund (CIF) Application
Thank you for your interest in the Community Investment Fund (CIF)! This fund is committed to supporting young entrepreneurs in our community by providing the necessary resources and education to succeed in the global marketplace. As a member of CIF, you can access capital for your business, which can be used to develop your products, expand your business, support other Youthful Savings businesses, and contribute to the growth of our community.
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What are some of the tasks you do to keep your store running?
*Examples include how you maintain a brand image, how you maintain customers etc.
What does being a part of the Youthful Savings community mean to you? *
What would you like to see happen in your community?
Can you join weekly CIF meetings called Business Mentor Meetings (BMM)?
*These meetings are held every Sunday at 2:30 pm EST on Google Meet. They are done with all business owners in the CIF and help with skill development, answering questions you may have, and other CIF tasks.
Can you join monthly Live Experiences and other Youthful Savings events?
*Being a part of the CIF means participating in Youthful Savings community events such as Live Experiences and other youth events that happen.
Can you work and communicate with your peers during Business Mentor Meetings?
*This  encourages community based decision making and feedback that promotes community and growth.
Are you interested in making video content?
*Videos will be used to promote your business and our community.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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