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Kwai (hello) participants! Wliwni (thank you) for agreeing to recommend resources and program ideas to the Abenaki Arts & Education Center.

Please read everything over carefully. This should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete with a stable internet connection.

Fill out and submit this form to recommend for possible inclusion and to let us know why you think the should be included on the Abenaki Arts & Education website. You can also let us know what types of resources or lectures you are interested in.

This surveys is being administered by Vera Longtoe Sheehan, on behalf of the Abenaki Arts & Education Center  and Vermont Abenaki Artists Association. Data such as demographic or other key information may be shared at the discretion of the aforementioned organizations to our partners to improve content for future users/participants. This survey may also be used in data collection by the aforementioned organizations as well as the administrator Vera Sheehan for quality control, future program development, research, and in the creation of promotional materials. We would never sell your data to third parties. Your contact information and sensitive information will remain private and is collected simply to assist in paperwork.

- You may only submit five resources per month
- You must complete a different form for each resource you recommend.
- Recommendation will be evaluated.
- Submission does not grantee inclusion.
- There may be 2-4 week waiting period for resource vetting process.
- The information contained on this form will be reviewed and analyzed
- Data may be stored for future projects.
- Several of the questions require answers to complete the form.

Thank you for helping us in this important mission!
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