Discussion sessions - INTOSAI Framework for Professional Pronouncements
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23 November (12h00 CET) - What is the purpose of the standards framework (IFPP), and how can the needs of different user groups be accommodated?
1 December (12h00 CET) - What is guidance and how do we ensure it is soundly-based, useful and available? What possibilities do new ways of working bring?
15 December (12h00 CET) - Do the concepts of ‘principles’ and ‘standards’ refer to documents, or elements of their content, and what do they mean in practice?
19 January (12h00 CET) - Compliance audit is ‘generally conducted’ in cooperation with one of the two other audit types: should this have an impact on how the material (standards and guidance) in the framework is sorted and presented?
26 January (12h00 CET) - Financial audit: impact and implications of relationship with the ISAs.
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